Is it possible to give a cat food to a dog

Unfortunately, not all dog owners delve into the feeding of their fourth friend. Some of them, having not found the necessary diet on the shelf, acquire food intended for cats. Others - seeing that the dog eats “crackers” from the cat’s bowl with pleasure, also give him more liked food. In addition, nimble dogs often eat their "meowing" comrades, until the owner sees this "crime." But if you ask the veterinarian if the dog can be given cat food, then any of them will answer negatively. How harmful are such rations for representatives of another species?

Why Murphy doesn’t fit Murkin feed

Choosing a suitable diet for the dog, the veterinarian takes into account the characteristics of the animal - its age, weight, coat quality, food cravings and other factors. After all, not every dog ​​is the same food. Food should provide the body with the necessary elements, be nutritious, healthy, balanced.

In addition, manufacturers are developing numerous formulas, focusing on the needs of the type of animal for which the product is intended. Therefore, it is not surprising that the composition for cats is not at all suitable for dogs. What are the differences in animal feed?

Glucose level

A cat and a dog, even having the same size, still belong to different species. Normally, feline blood contains significantly more glucose. In this regard, these pets need frequent meals in small portions. Dogs are given food 1-2 times a day, usually it is a very satisfying meal, providing a feeling of satiety until the next meal.

Of course, these nuances are taken into account by feed manufacturers, and if the dog constantly eats food for cats, then soon one can expect disturbances in the functioning of her body.


Taurine is a vital amino acid for cats, which gives the animal energy and activity. In addition, it ensures the full functioning of the heart and protects the animal from cardiac diseases. Therefore, this component must be included in the composition of dry diets intended for cats.

But the canine organism does not feel the need for additional taurine, since it independently produces it in the right quantities. Eating food containing this amino acid can cause an overabundance and disorders that occur against this background.


So that taurine is better absorbed in the cat's body, and the acid level in the stomach rises, the feed is saturated with foods containing a large amount of protein.

As it turned out, in the process of evolution, cats are more predators than dogs, and they need an increased amount of protein. Therefore, their food is not suitable for dogs, it can cause diseases of the digestive tract.

In addition, many decorative dogs suffer from allergies, which provokes protein.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

For barking pets, certain components are needed in the right proportions, for purrs, others. Therefore, the balance of vitamins and minerals can be seriously disturbed if the animal does not consume its own food at all. This condition can lead to the development of various diseases.

Watch the video and find out what happens if the dog is fed cat food:

How to wean a pet from a cat's diet

Often, dogs eat from a neighbor's bowl, not particularly fond of what lies in it, just sincerely believing that it tastes better. Puppies can be attracted to someone else's food solely because of natural curiosity, quickly eating their own, they will always stick their nose to a leisurely chewing cat. Didn't get a fight back? So, you can feast yourself here!

Dogs that have excellent appetite and a tendency to overeat differ in similar behavior. They always have enough space in the stomach for a few handfuls of cat crackers. Also, greed for food is often shown by dogs aimed at leadership in the house among pets, or puppies, which during their stay with brothers and sisters did not have enough food.

Since very rarely dogs really consider cat food more tasty food, special weaning is not required, it is enough for the dog to restrict access to someone else's cup. The faster this happens, the lower will be the risks of developing various pathologies and disorders.

More attention is paid to four-legged scoundrels by economy-class food, rich in various flavoring additives, which are not good for the cat either. They should not feed a single pet, regardless of species.

When weaning, you can use the following recommendations:

  • feeding the cat and dog should be separate - it is better to give them food in different rooms, and any theft should be stopped and punished immediately;
  • You can put bowls at different heights - dogs are not able to climb to significant elevations, but the cat will not be difficult to accommodate even on the cabinet, so the problem will be solved by itself;
  • dishes after meals should remain empty - as soon as the cat has eaten, the remains should be removed until the next meal.

In addition, the owner himself needs a certain organization. Do not give your pet food that does not suit him - the dog needs only dog ​​food!

The life expectancy of a four-legged friend and its quality largely depend on the conditions of detention and proper nutrition. Therefore, the owner should not give the dog products that obviously worsen her health, cat food belongs to the same category.

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