Cat sores

Cat sores with a smell are not so rare, and each owner should know how to cure his pet. It is optimal, of course, to seek the help of a veterinarian, but if this is not possible, you need to apply home treatment.

Body sore

A sore with a smell appears on the body of the animal most often if the cat walks freely on the street. Damage occurs as an allergic reaction to insect and tick bites, to which a bacterial infection is added..

Also, a cat sometimes suffers from wounds on the body, the cause of which are dog or cat bites. In the place of the wound, a cavity forms under the skin and a purulent-necrotic process develops, which is why the sore does not heal for a long time and becomes a cause of an unpleasant smell in a cat.

The treatment is carried out in this sequence:

  • cutting hair around the wound (so the sore becomes as accessible as possible);
  • washing with a solution of manganese or chlorhexidine (the sore should be qualitatively desensitized);
  • filling the cavity with levomekol ointment.

The sore heals within 10-15 days, and the smell disappears after the first procedure.

Otodectosis in advanced form

Odeodectosis (ear mite) causes a severe itching in a cat, due to which, combing the ear, it damages it and the skin around to deep wounds that become infected, do not heal for a long time and begin to rot, exuding a disgusting smell. The wounds in the area of ​​the ears that the cat inflicts on itself are the most sharply smelling of all. They are treated in the following order.:

  • cleaning the ears with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine;
  • treatment of ears with drops against otodectosis;
  • laying in the ears of the ointment levomekol (the day after instillation).

Wounds that are in accessible places should be washed with chlorhexidine and sprinkled with streptocide.

Processing is carried out daily until the complete healing of the sores occurs.

If the kitten’s ear smells bad, the treatment for otodectosis will be the same as for an adult cat.

Skin diseases

If a cat has sores covered with scabs, this is, most likely, a sign of allergy. You can see them in the photo. Skin diseases are not rarely accompanied by wounds, which, when infected, rot and stink. The cat experiences constant pain and irritation because of them. Their localization can be different. As a first aid, the cat should receive 1/5 tablets of suprostin. After this, the animal must be shown to the veterinarian, since it is impossible to carry out high-quality therapy in such a case.

In the complex treatment of allergic skin diseases, not only local therapy, but also general therapy is indicated. The cat is undergoing a course of immunomodulators, vitamins and allergy medications. Also, the correct diet is selected for the animal. An unpleasant odor passes quickly enough.

The sore is healed with the help of local antibiotic agents and regenerating ointments. In order for the cat not to lick sores, a special protective collar can be put on it.

If a putrid smell is felt from the cat’s mouth, this is a symptom of a health problem that the veterinarian must resolve..

It is unacceptable to ignore cat sores that have an unpleasant smell.

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