How much are droplets Cat Lawyer?

Fleas, ticks, parasites are all common problems for pets, cats and dogs. Affordable drop price Lawyer for cats will solve them with savings for the budget and health benefits of the animal. The advantages of this therapeutic and prophylactic remedy The lawyer is obvious - this is high efficiency, convenient form, sufficient dosage, ease of use and reasonable cost.

Why Drops Cat Lawyer

Infection of pets with parasitic insects can occur anywhere - at home, on the street, during contact with other animals and in a veterinary clinic. The larvae of many parasites are resistant to external influences and for a long time remain viable in the external environment. Infection is fraught for the pet with a deterioration in well-being and health, and for the owner - with the risk of infection, a long and expensive treatment. The price of many such drugs on the market is quite high.

Note to the owners! Prevention of parasites is an important and indispensable measure for those who have pets, cats and dogs in the house.

What is needed for competent and effective prevention of parasites living on the surface and inside the body of a pet? Buy drops Advocate and periodically use the drug, distributing it at the withers, where the medicine will be inaccessible for combing and licking. The price of a medicine depends on the volume of packaging and place of purchase. Drops Lawyer is packaged in a volume of 0.4 or 0.8 ml, sold in two, four or six pieces per pack.

Buy drops Lawyer, price and effectiveness

The price of Lawyer for Cats depends on the amount of the drug, the minimum volume is cheaper, and the maximum is more expensive. Advocate medicine is produced in Germany in the form of a liquid solution; Bayer is the official distributor in Russia. Each pipette is designed for the weight of the animal in kg (kilograms), the preparation is labeled according to face value, shelf life, series and the content of active substances in it. An instruction with indications for use and recommendations for calculating the dosage is a mandatory addition to the medicine Lawyer.

Prevention and treatment should be carried out strictly observing the manufacturer's recommendations and the timing of therapy. For preventive purposes, the Lawyer is able to act within one month.

How much are Advocate drops? The price of the drug Advocate largely depends on the name and location of the veterinary clinic or pharmacy. On average, the price of drops Lawyer is from 400 to 1400 rubles. Symptoms of infection with parasitic organisms are immediately visible. This is itching, redness, traces of skin damage from severe combing, sometimes bald patches, bleeding and even refusal to feed. You should be careful, because infestations can parasitize on the surface and inside the body of the animal.

Many types of parasites are dangerous not only for cats and dogs, but also for humans. The price of one’s own health, as well as the health and longevity of a pet, is included in the purchase of a medical and preventive drop Attorney, required during the off-season and valid for four weeks.

The pet should be treated with drops. The lawyer should be until complete recovery. An insidious disease can enter a stage of remission and the owner will think that the pet is healthy. However, treatment should be continued in combination with other acceptable drugs until all symptoms disappear, and then use the medicine to prevent and reduce the risk of infection. In the process of using the substance, Counsel must observe safety and precautionary measures and prevent children from coming into contact with the drug.

The lawyer is well tolerated by cats and dogs of various sizes and breeds. Timely prevention together with the use of a drop Lawyer (the price of which is considered optimal in this direction of goods and services) relieves the pet of negative factors, allowing it to remain healthy and cheerful throughout life.

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