How to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Several factors depend on the process of training a kitten, the most important of which is age. From what moment of birth you asked the question "how to train a cat to a toilet", the speed and quality of the result depend. One cat can be trained to walk on the toilet in a week, another individual may take 2 or more weeks. Despite the difficulties of the process, the result is almost always positive, because the cat accustomed to the toilet will no longer need to clean the tray and change its filler. The main thing is to carry out the process gradually.

Primary requirements

You can teach a cat to use a toilet at any age, but it is better to do this as soon as possible. The best age to train a cat as simple as possible is considered to be from 3 to 12 months. Too small a cat can not only fail to understand what you are seeking from it, but simply fail to fulfill your desire due to its physical capabilities. An adult cat is less trained, so the process of training can drag on not for weeks, but for months.

Before you start accustoming a kitten to the toilet, you need to make sure his ability to use the tray. If the pet does not have a specific place for the toilet, then immediately accustom it to the toilet will be quite difficult. The location of the tray in the apartment is very important. The farther it is from the toilet, the longer the process will take. To train a kitten you need to start from the moment when the tray is next to the toilet, and the pet goes to the toilet directly into it.

Instruction manual

To train a cat to go to the toilet on the toilet, without making any effort, will not work. Many breeders have their own methods, but the instructions below always apply. To accustom a pet to the toilet, you need to go through several stages.

First stage

The first cycle of teaching animals how to use the toilet consists of 15 days and four periods:

  • From 1 to 11 days it is necessary to raise the tray with the filler a few centimeters so that the cat does not notice anything. Newspapers and magazines can serve as a tray stand. The daily lifting height should not exceed 2-2.5 cm. The next raising is possible only if the cat behaves as usual and uses his toilet properly.
  • From day 11 to day 13, the tray should be at the level of the toilet seat. At that time, the cat should get used to the height and get acquainted with the toilet.
  • On day 14, the tray needs to be moved towards the toilet so that ¼ part of it lies on the toilet seat.
  • On the last day of the first cycle, the box slides and fills ¾ toilet seat. From this moment, the cat will perceive going to the toilet and toilet bowl as one.

It is very important that during the training the tray is always clean, and the door to the toilet is ajar so that the cat herself can enter it.

Second phase

Starting from the second cycle, it becomes much easier to teach a cat to go to the toilet. By this time, the cat has already mastered the toilet and is not afraid of the height reached. At this stage, two main actions need to be implemented.

To begin with, you need to completely position the tray on the toilet seat so that the relief and the toilet merge in the understanding of the cat into one whole. To avoid failure, you need to firmly fix the tray and allow the cat to get comfortable for several days. If Coca has taken a new position the first time, then you can proceed to the next action the next day.

On day 17, the most important occupation falls out - the tray with the filler should completely be replaced by the toilet. To do this, the newspaper stand is eliminated, and the tray retracts to a distant place. Now you need to lift the lid of the toilet and stick a wide tape around the edges of the toilet. On a strip you need to put a small jar with filler. After that, the seat lowers.

Now the toilet is ready and the cat should confidently go to the toilet. The familiar smell of filler should attract her. It is very important that the cat can not only jump onto the toilet, but also stay on it. Therefore, it is worth remembering the age of accustoming cats to the toilet.

If the cat refuses to go to the toilet without a tray, then you need to leave her alone for some time with her wishes in the toilet. Need will take its toll, and the cat will do the job as it should and where necessary. With each new trip to the toilet, the strip is recommended to be replaced with a new one.

Third stage

On the 18th day of the process, a small hole must be cut in the center of the adhesive tape around which filler for trays is evenly poured. This time, the cat goes to the toilet not on the strip, but directly on the toilet and after emptying hears a gurgling sound. If the cat is not afraid, then the next day you can increase the hole. The amount of filler should be halved.

On day 20, you can completely remove the tape and exclude the filler. The main thing is that access to the toilet is always free. Also, do not forget to keep the toilet lid up. In such a simple and not too long way, you can accustom a cat to the toilet in the apartment. Now it remains to hope that the cat will not overshoot, and the unpleasant smell from the cat's toilet will be left behind.

Alternative method

If, using the first method, it was not possible to train a cat, then you can try the modified version. It will require more ingenuity and patience from you, but in return your cat will learn to walk on the toilet on its own.

The first stage of training is the same as in the first instruction from the first to 11 days. On day 13, place a spare toilet seat on the cat tray and securely fasten it with tape. You need to pick up the same seat as on the toilet and install them on the same line.

If the cat goes into the tray without any problems, you need to let it fix the result for several days and only then move on to other actions.

On day 16, you must again resort to using adhesive tape (up to 1 cm wide). Fix it under the chair in such a way that it connects the edges of the seat. It is important that the tape has its sticky side facing up.

When the cat approaches its tray, it will notice a barrier and begin to look for a comfortable position. Not finding a way out, she will sit down on the edge to carry out her affairs. If the presence of the strip did not stop the cat, and it still goes to the tray, you need to stick another strip of tape, which will prevent it from successfully reaching the tray. In this case, the cat will be forced to do its thing on the edge.

If the described actions could not accustom the cat or she was confused, it is recommended to close her for a while in the toilet. After some time, she should still decide and the network on the toilet seat over her tray.

If everything went well, then you can continue training, as in the first case. To do this, remove the tray and coasters from the magazines. Then you need to throw the cat's attention to a real toilet.

It may take several days to consolidate the result. Thus, any cats can go to the toilet.

Rules to follow if a cat uses a toilet

Many cat breeders strongly object to cats going to the toilet like humans. On the one hand, this is correct, because the toilet was created for the needs of humans, not animals. But if you look from the opposite side, it becomes clear that in the conditions of an apartment neighborhood, this way of walking by need is ideal. It is necessary to accustom a cat to the toilet if you want to get rid of additional cleaning and extra waste.

If a trained cat goes to the toilet, then you need to remember three rules:

  • The door to the toilet must not be closed, under any circumstances, otherwise you risk starting the training process again.
  • The lid of the toilet should always be in a raised state, otherwise your cat will write directly on it.
  • For hygiene purposes, the toilet seat must be regularly treated with antibacterial agents.

To accustom a cat to a toilet or not is a matter for every owner. To begin with, take a closer look at your cat, it is possible that his wayward character will interfere with training. If the pet is smart and obedient, then it will not be difficult to accustom him to a new toilet. Accustoming to the toilet has not only an economic, but also a practical process. Many owners are away from home for a long time and constant cleaning and changing the filler is not available to them.

Tip: as soon as you can train your cat to use the toilet, immediately get rid of the tray and the filler. Familiar smells can knock down your pet.

If you are in doubt whether you need to teach a cat to the toilet, and if you can handle it, then first read the entire article with instructions. After reading the information, you can safely make a decision.

Watch the video: Step by Step Cat Toilet Training (February 2020).