Cats that have big eyes

The mustachioed-striped pets have long won the love of man with their grace, affection and devotion. And if the pet is a cat with big eyes, all with understanding eyes, then your heart will not resist his gaze. Thanks to the development of social networks, photos of cats with big eyes began to appear more and more often. They are popular, have thousands of fans. Let's get to know them better.

Big Stars Internet Stars

One of the most famous is Jimo - a kitten with large, surprised eyes. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and the popularity of this handsome guy continues to grow. How can you not fall in love with his astonished face?

Matilda has unusually large eyes. Her eyes are similar to the eyes of aliens, as they are represented by earthlings in drawings and in films. Unfortunately, the size of her huge eyes is the result of a disease. Matilda began to see poorly, and she will have an operation to restore her vision.

The white beauty Kobe with huge blue eyes is an exception in her breed. British shorthaired chinchillas according to the breed standard have a gray-blue color and brown eyes. But Kobe nature gave blue big eyes, photogenicity and devotion to the hostess, which has earned about 350 thousand fans on the Web.

A Japanese cat with a flattened face and an innocent look of huge eyes Snoopy has its own blog, personal pages on Instagram, Facebook and millions of fans. It belongs to the breed of short-haired exotics.

In some "stars", huge eyes are the result of a disease or developmental abnormality. But many cat breeds are endowed with big eyes, which is the breed standard.

Breeds of cats with big eyes

In the world there are about a dozen breeds of cats with large expressive eyes. Among them there are fluffy and shorthair, large and small animals. Lovers of cats with large eyes will be able to choose a pet, taking into account their appearance and character.

  • Persian cat. This breed of cat with big eyes has long been popular with cat lovers. Her muzzle with large round eyes, a flat nose and fluffy hair causes thoughts of a calm disposition. She loves a calm atmosphere, is not inclined to fuss and excessive running around. It can be compared with a royal person, sedately sitting on the throne.
  • British breed. British Shorthair cats have large round eyes, the color of which depends on coat color. It changes from yellow-copper to blue or green. The gaze of the British corresponds to their character - calm, balanced. Animals of this breed are often called cats for gentlemen. They are proud and calmly remain alone for the whole day.
  • Scottish lop-eared. In appearance and character, the breed of Scottish fold cats, or Scottish Fold, is close to the British. Owners of thick plush fur and round big eyes are distinguished by ears pressed to their heads. The combination of dark hair with large orange eyes and clasped ears gives cats an expression of curiosity. A smart animal easily gets used to the new environment; when living with loving owners, it understands teams.
  • Shorthair Exot. Snuppi cat glorified this breed with his photos, having won love and popularity among visitors to social networks. All representatives of this breed have large round eyes that, in combination with a raised nose and lowered dense cheeks, give them a touching expression. Thick short coat of exotics resembles plush. He is distinguished by affection for people, cheerfulness, but does not like to be alone for a long time.
  • Japanese cat breed, called Japanese bobtail, also refers to a breed with big eyes. Its difference is a miniature tail, similar to a hare. The color of the bobtail resembles ordinary white cats with black or red spots.
  • Ragdoll cats are distinguished by beautiful big eyes of blue, green or yellow color.. Their calm gaze matches their temper. The name of this breed translates as "rag doll". Cats are distinguished by the ability to relax in the hands of man, sagging like a rag, not resisting. Therefore, they are ideal for families with small children. Ragdoll cat will not break out and scratch when the child squeezes it.
  • The next breed of cat with big eyes is called Devon Rex.. The muzzle of a triangular shape with large ears and round convex eyes gives cats the expression of a hunting predator. Devon Rex have short curly hair, care for which does not cause trouble. They are distinguished by devotion to the owners, the ability to carry out commands.


When we talk about cats with big beautiful eyes, we cannot mention breeds that differ from the fluffy and shorthair cats that we are used to. These are the sphinxes and Ukrainian levkoy, which is a sphinx with bent ears. The body without wool is covered with small folds. On the face, huge eyes are almond-shaped blue or green. These breeds are characterized by love for the owners, calmness.

The size of the eyes is a somewhat subjective concept, and we noted the most unique breeds with large beautiful eyes. Many owners of Maine Coons, Siamese cats, Abbis, Singaporeans and other breeds may be offended that their pets were not included in the list of cats with big eyes. But we talked about breeds that have distinctively large eyes.

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