Tiger cat - Toyger breed

There are several breeds of cats that, due to the unusual color of their hair, resemble small tigers: toyger, Bengal cat and sokoke. A tiger cat, depending on the breed, has certain character traits that leave an imprint on its behavior and relationships with its owners. Cats that look like miniature tigers do not require special care. First of all, it is necessary to take care of a balanced, full-fledged diet.

Toyger breed

The cat breed breed like a tiger appeared in the early 90's. Modern toygers are not an absolute copy of the tiger, but work in this direction continues.

The main features of the Toyger breed:

  • A cat and a cat like a tiger are distinguished by a golden coat color with characteristic stripes. The hair of animals is unusually elastic, shiny and luxurious, has a lighter shade on the tummy. The color scheme of dark stripes varies from black to bronze. The more contrasting and expressive the tiger color of the cat’s hair, the better, especially on the face. The tip on the tail and paw pads are always black.
  • Contrasting tiger stripes on the body are always vertical. Ideally, if in the forehead there is an image in the shape of a butterfly, with cloves around. Around the eyes there are bright circles, the area of ​​the chin, throat, pads of the mustache and near the ears should be highlighted. This can be seen in the photo of the tiger cat.
  • Cats of tiger color grow up to 6 kg, cats - up to 10 kg.
  • The wild appearance is deceiving - a cat or a tiger-colored cat is smart, affectionate and very dedicated. They do not need constant attention, but tiger breed pets really love affection and games. Toigers are not jealous, very curious and sociable - they can purr, meow, click and even tweet, they try to take part in the owner’s affairs, they like when guests come.
  • From Bengal cats, animals with tiger-colored wool were given a love of water procedures. They can climb into the aquarium or sit under the fountain.
  • Animals of tiger color differ in average size.

To preserve the health and beauty of the coat, the cat breed with tiger coloring needs fresh air, so you often need to walk with them. At the same time, you can’t let out small tigers without a leash - the instinct of hunters wakes up in them. On the plot you can release a pet with a token and a bell. The token will allow the cat not to get lost, and the bell will not allow to hunt different dubious animals.

In tiger cats, there is practically no dysbiosis, indigestion, allergies, and there are no genetic ailments. Tiger kittens are active and playful, the price for which they can be purchased starts at 60 thousand rubles.

Features of Bengal cats

An animal of this breed is more likely a tortoiseshell cat than a tiger. On the wool there is a pattern in the form of spots, sockets, stripes. Tabby Bengal cat is divided into 3 groups: leopard, snow and silver.


  • The fur can be with a marble or leopard pattern, gray, red, white. The spots are evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • The coat is very soft, can be medium length or very short.
  • The tail is medium in size, not fluffy; rings or spots are located along its entire length.
  • Forelegs shorter than hind legs.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, very beautiful, golden or green.
  • A massive square chin makes the face look like a tiger. This is especially noticeable when the cat meows or yawns.

A domestic Bengal cat is a very cute creature that needs constant attention and affection. Pets of this breed are playful and curious, but they are smart and will not climb where it can be dangerous.

Sokoke breed

The breed of animals with the color of wool resembling tiger was bred by nature itself. The birthplace of animals is Sokoke province in Kenya. Cats are large compared to cats (about 40% larger). Cats are athletic, muscular and graceful. The animals are short-haired, the weight ranges from 3 to 5 kg.

The peculiarity of the breed is that the hind legs are longer than the front, so that it seems that the cat moves on tiptoe. The muzzle is elongated, with large almond-shaped eyes from light green to amber. The coat is short, stiff with or without very little undercoat. The color of tabby in a cat sokoke varies from warm to cold shades, the tip on the tail is always black.

The main features of the Sokoke breed:

  • there is at least one strip around the neck, this is a “necklace”, it may not be continuous;
  • on the back there is a butterfly-shaped pattern, the lines of which can be discontinuous;
  • on the side is a drawing resembling an image of a bull’s eye;
  • on the forehead - the letter "M" consisting of not continuous lines.

Cats and cats sokoke with a tiger coat are highly active, like to climb on everything. When the owner is not nearby, the animals occupy themselves with the game themselves. Pets of the breed do not tolerate moving very well, become attached to the owner and are difficult to experience separation from him. They do not like to be on hand, but everywhere accompany a person.

Cats of this breed are perfect for families with children, as they are very active and they will have someone to play with. At the same time, animals are patient and do not show claws, if they are inadvertently taken up by a child, they try to escape.

Sokoke cats have a tendency to neurosis, convulsions, meningitis. Animals live for about 15 years. Taurine and vitamin E must be present in the diet, they strengthen blood vessels and heart, improve metabolism in the body.

Tiger black coat color can be attributed to the classic Siberian cat. The British cat can also look like a tiger in appearance, especially the Briton is striped - on the back of the animal there are solid dark stripes. The tiger color of British kittens is fully formed when they reach the age of one year.

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