How to determine that a cat started estrus

Cats are living creatures like humans. Their body has certain needs that the animal seeks to satisfy. One of the most problematic phenomena for owners is estrus. How to understand that a cat is in heat? Very simple - this process has vivid symptoms that are hard to miss.

What is a

A sexually mature cat tends to bear offspring. The length of time when she is ready for fertilization is just called estrus or estrus. It includes three periods:

  • proestrus;
  • estrus;
  • interestrus.

The first stage does not last long - just a couple of days. At this time, the body is preparing for mating and fertilization. It is not difficult to understand that it started: appetite decreases, the genitals swell a little, and discharge appears. The animal can leave marks, scratch the furniture, the cat caresses the owner, meows. But, at the same time, she rejects the cat, since her body is not yet ready.

The second stage - estrus, is precisely the time when a cat should happen. At this time, the most striking symptoms appear, by which you can find out that the cat is in heat at the most favorable stage for fertilization. The animal screams loudly, her gait changes, her whole appearance speaks of her readiness to fulfill her maternal duty. The duration of this estrus period is individual for each individual, but, as a rule, oestrus ends in about a week. This can be understood by the absence of signs.

The first oestrus usually does not have pronounced symptoms. Without difficulty, it is possible to determine estrus in a cat only after she gets older, and this process will not be the first time. Then you can easily recognize all the symptoms and take the necessary measures.

The last stage - interestrus. Behavior of the animal will help to understand that the mating was successful: your pet loses interest in her partner and may very well be aggressive. If pregnancy has not occurred, the cycle repeats again. During this period, there is a chance of a false pregnancy. You can find out by certain signs.

Another phase is anestrus, or in other words, the resting phase. Usually in the winter months.


Symptoms of estrus in a cat are the same for all animals, the difference can only be manifested in the intensity of their manifestation. So, by what signs can you recognize and determine the beginning of the body's readiness for fertilization:

  1. behavior changes, your pet can become aggressive or vice versa too affectionate;
  2. You can learn about estrus by loud screams, which practically do not stop;
  3. genitals can swell, but this symptom is insignificant, only a specialist can see it;
  4. the cat often goes to the toilet;
  5. sharply increases or decreases appetite;
  6. gait changes;
  7. your pet is much more likely to wash, which is associated with transparent secretions.

When does it start and how long does it last

It’s possible to understand that a cat's estrus started according to the aforementioned symptoms, but when to wait for the first estrus?

As a rule, the standard age of cats at which they become sexually mature is about 8 months. But, sometimes it can manifest itself at an earlier and later age.

Moreover, if this happens for the first time, then you may not notice obvious manifestations of estrus.

If the cat’s estrus did not begin at the right time, but with deviations, then you should definitely consult a doctor - this may be a consequence of hormonal disorders that need to be treated. In order to find out about it in time, you need to be an extremely attentive and caring owner.

The duration of estrus in cats is also individual. As a rule, the whole process takes about a week, maybe a little longer, but pronounced symptoms do not appear throughout the entire period, but only a few days. Each animal has an individual duration, and depends on many factors, such as:

  • breed;
  • heredity;
  • the conditions in which the cat lives (if there is a cat nearby, then the process will occur much more often);
  • diet and stuff.

The period between oestruses is also individual. It is normal when estrus occurs once every three months, but there are times when a cat is ready for fertilization literally a couple of times a year. There is nothing to worry about. If there are any problems, you can understand this by the general condition of the animal.

What to do

You can find out when a cat started estrus by its behavior. She becomes more affectionate, seeks your attention, her manners and general condition change. All this is characteristic of the animal in the early days, then the symptoms will intensify and it becomes easy to understand that your pet wants to breed.

It should be remembered that cats are living creatures like humans. During this period, not only the physiology of your pet changes, but also its psyche. Everything happens in exactly the same way as in women, so do not swear and scream - on the contrary, try to help your pet, if you recognize the signs of estrus.

As soon as the cat starts estrus, try to alleviate her suffering. For this, follow some simple tips:

  • pay more attention to your pet, take it in your hands, stroke, talk, etc .;
  • after you understand that heat has begun, try to interest her in outdoor games;
  • feed the animal in small portions;
  • the less light there is in the room, the faster the heat will pass, and the symptoms will appear in a milder form;
  • the easiest way is a castrated cat, which can no longer breed, but still retained the desire.

There is another way - sterilization. Such a radical method allows not only to avoid problems with signs of estrus, but also to protect the cat from the manifestation of many diseases of the reproductive system.

Of course, if you plan on breeding, then the latter method is not suitable for you. But, in this case, you need to carefully select her partner, as this is very important for the health status of your pet and her offspring.


The estrus is a very important natural process in the cat's body. During estrus, there are many symptoms that will help you understand that the process has begun. If you are a responsible host, you need to familiarize yourself with all the information regarding this period in advance and try to do everything in your power for the health of your pet. Thus, you will ease the life of your pet and save yourself from a headache.

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