Is there an allergy to sphinxes

Often people get this breed of cats precisely because of the lack of hair, which causes an allergic reaction in many. But even those who decided to make such an unusual bald friend may be allergic to sphinxes.

In most cases, an allergic reaction occurs in animals, regardless of the presence of wool on it. An allergen can be found in a substance that is found in the skin of sphinxes.. In the modern world, about 12% of people suffer from allergic attacks, of which 4% are hypersensitive to most known allergens.

Is there an allergy to sphinxes and how does it manifest

The skin of cats, like saliva, contains protein, which can provoke an allergic attack. The epidermis of a living organism is prone to regular renewal, which leads to the loss of particles of dead tissue.

When an animal is nearby, an allergic person inhales particles of his skin that contain this protein. Unfortunately, bald breeds of dogs and cats provoke more allergic attacks in humans than any other.

Do not trust the many forums, because hypoallergenic animals simply do not exist.

With weak immunity in a person with an allergy to sphinxes, itching and rashes appear. Hypersensitivity to harmful substances appears that can enter the human body in many ways. Unfortunately, the risk of allergy to a sphynx cat in young children is too high, so not many parents choose this breed as a pet.

Representatives of this kind are:

  • Sphinx of the Don.
  • Canadian Sphinx.

Both breeds were bred at approximately the same time, but in different countries. Don in Russia, and Canadian in Canada. Both varieties are completely woolless, however in some cases, you can meet several hairs on the bald body. Is there an allergy to the sphinxes can be understood based on the initial symptoms that manifested themselves due to an allergic reaction.

Before starting treatment or prevention, you should certainly make sure that there is an allergy specifically to the animal, and not to dust in the room or on furniture. To do this, it is enough to put the sphinx on the knee to an allergic person and wait for a speedy reaction. If you are allergic to the sphinx, then after a couple of minutes the first signs of the disease will begin to appear.

The main symptoms are:

  • the appearance of a rash on the skin, vaguely resembling dermatitis or urticaria, which will be accompanied by severe itching;
  • allergies to cats often provoke bronchospasm and runny nose;
  • dry prolonged cough;
  • swelling of the pharynx, nasal passages and constant sneezing.

If a similar reaction has occurred, the allergen that triggered the attack should be completely eliminated. You can wipe the dust, wash the floors, but it is always difficult to give your best friend into the wrong hands. A similar situation can be avoided by making the necessary efforts. In order to correct the situation you will need:

  • bathe your pet at least three times a week using special shampoos to help gently remove particles of dead skin;
  • the presence of a good vacuum cleaner that will allow for deep cleaning of any surface;
  • wash clothes more often, store them in sealed bags and do not hang around the house;
  • replace all fabric upholstery with leatherette, which is much easier to wash;
  • the main care should be taken by that member of the family who is not found to be allergic to this species of domestic animals;
  • the cat should not live and sleep in the same room as an allergic person;
  • wet cleaning should become predominant;
  • it is worth completely abandoning the carpet, which is difficult to clean from dead skin particles.

What to do with allergies

To begin with, you should keep the person away from the allergen as far as possible. If an allergy occurs in contact with a cat, it is necessary to thoroughly wash all areas that the animal has come into contact with. If the itching is strong enough, you should take one of the specialized drugs.

Swelling of the airways can occur, then you should immediately call a doctor who can prevent anaphylactic shock.

Recommendations for the acquisition of sphinxes for allergy sufferers:

  • It is better to give preference to the fair sex, and get a cat.
  • The pet will strive to spend as much time with the owner as possible, so you should buy protective covers for pillows and mattresses.
  • Reduce direct contact time. But allergies to sphinxes occur in young children, who find it difficult to explain the need for such safety measures. In this case, invite the child to play with the pet remotely using toys.
  • In all rooms it is recommended to install ionizers and humidifiers. The better the device, the lower the risk of the consequences of close pet residence.
  • The animal should have a light color. This is due to the fact that most experiments have proved that they are less dangerous for allergy sufferers than dark ones.

Note. Such breeds are better to be castrated, since only in this way can most of the allergens that they produce be avoided. After such an operation, cats stop producing hormone, which is responsible for the specific smell that attracts the opposite sex.

Children's allergy to sphinxes

Many parents before buying such a pet ask a very obvious question: is there an allergy to sphinxes in children? Unfortunately, allergens are everywhere and these cute creatures are no exception. The first signs of the disease can occur after the first contact, or maybe after some time. In any case, it will manifest itself as hypersensitivity to any allergen. Symptoms include shortness of breath, diarrhea, and redness on the skin.. If a child responds to an allergen in childhood, then most likely this allergy will remain with him for life.

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