Flatazor (dog food)

Flatzor (dog food) - dog food of almost French origin unknown to our customer. Today we will tell you in detail about the assortment of the brand, analyze the composition of the feed, collect feedback about it from the owners and veterinarians, and also prepare a selection with the prices of this feed.

Flatazor dog food is produced in France by Sopral S.A., the history of which dates back to 1866 from a flour mill. In 2014, the Flatazor Pro-Nutrition® brand celebrated its 50th anniversary. And this indicator is not just a figure, it speaks of serious experience, as well as the development of a company that is proud of its unique innovative developments and nutrition formulas for pets.

All Flatazor dog food is made exclusively in Pleschatel, located in the Brittany region, in a factory equipped with the latest technology. An exclusive and patented development of this company is an additive called "organolysates", which is a natural complex of amino acids, omega acids and biopeptides and is included in the formulation of each product.

Assortment of rations

The result of scientific work and research by Sopral's pet nutritional nutritionists is four Flatazor dog food lines; reviews of each of them more than once confirm the high quality of the products. All diets are divided into a series of Pure Life, Protect, Prestige and Elite, each of them has its own characteristics and specifics.

Pure life

Pure Life is the newest category of Flatazor dog food in which, according to the manufacturer, 85% of animal protein is free from cereals and gluten. It is represented by five names, which vary in composition depending on the age group and size of the pet, and also includes the Light / Sterilized diet for sterilized animals or prone to gain weight.

Pure Life Formula is a Flazorore grain-free dog food that is also hypoallergenic and suitable for pets with food intolerances.
Protect - a line of diets aimed at improving the health of pets with certain diseases or problems. The Protect series consists of five positions designed to overcome the difficulties in feeding dogs with special needs:

  • Digest - for troubled digestion;
  • Dermato - for pets with skin diseases;
  • Osteo - for diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system;
  • Obesite - to reduce overweight;
  • Senior + - for dogs of advanced age;


Elite - products of this category are intended exclusively for nurseries and are packed in bags of 20 kg only (except for Elite Puppy mini). Also in this line is the Suckling complete food ration - a dry milk mixture for puppies from the first day of life, it is also suitable for feeding babies in case of insufficient lactation in the mother-dog. The entire Elite series includes 11 food options, all of whose formulas are only dry food for dogs Flatazor, reviews of breeders say that many people evaluate it very highly and recommend it to others.


Prestige - the most extensive line of dog food Flatazor, consists of 12 types of formulations. It can be considered the main or classical category with the separation of feed formulas depending on age (puppy, adult, senior), pet size (mini, maxi) and calorie needs (active, light). There are also three types of Flatazor Sensitive food for dogs here, reviews about it are left mainly by owners of whiskers with sensitive digestion. Gourmets are offered a choice of lamb with rice, grainless with salmon and poultry (chicken-duck-turkey).

In our opinion, the assortment of the Flatazor brand is not only wide, but much more important - functional and convenient. This can be attributed to the benefits of this brand.

Evaluation of feed composition

The manufacturer assures that the Flatazor dry dog ​​food is a super-premium food that is rich in meat, ingredients of natural origin and does not contain components such as soy or GMO products. In addition, the formulation of each Flatazor feed includes a complex of phyto additives, fructooligosaccharides, flax seeds, apples, yucca, which, individually and as a whole, make a great contribution to maintaining the health of dogs.

Consider in detail the composition of the food Flazor for dogs of all breeds Prestige Adult. A guaranteed nutrient analysis is as follows:

Squirrels24%within normal limits
Fat13%normal content
Cellulose3%minimum acceptable rate
Ash6%below the average
Humiditynot specified-
Carbohydratesnot specified-
The energy value3930 kcal / kg-

All indicators are quite acceptable for feeding a pet living in an apartment, such a diet will satisfy the need for an amount of energy for a dog that goes for walks two to three times a day and is not subjected to regular physical exertion (intensive training, hunting or outdoor protection in the cold season) .

The detailed composition of the food Flatazor for adult dogs is as follows:

  • Dehydrated poultry;
  • Corn;
  • Wheat;
  • Fiber apple;
  • Animal fat;
  • Duck fat;
  • Hydrolysates of animal proteins.

There is no detailed indication of the percentage of each component either on the official website of the manufacturer or on the website of the Russian distributor. And this fact, of course, confuses us and leaves a lot of doubt about the balance of this recipe. There is one more point: in the composition on the official website the first component is indicated as "dehydrated meat", in the Russian version the word "birds" appears. Explain this fact is beyond our power.


The first ingredient is dehydrated poultry, an easily digestible meat component, and a good source of animal protein. However, it is difficult for us to judge the quality of the component itself, when it is simply “bird” and there is no way to identify the ingredient. In the feed there is another meat component - the hydrolyzate of animal protein, in other words - it is a protein concentrate, but it occupies the seventh place in the list, which means that its mass fraction in the feed is not significant.


After the first meat ingredient, two cereals are indicated at once - corn and wheat. We do not consider any of them a worthy component, corn is often used as a cheap filler, and wheat, unfortunately, often causes food allergies in dogs. These crops are rich in carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, and also contain vegetable protein, which is practically not absorbed in animals.


The fifth and sixth components are designed to provide the body with fats. In this case, the composition contains duck fat, it is a quality component rich in linoleic acid. And also added animal fat, we would prefer chicken or fish oils, which are components of higher quality. In addition, the origin of fat is not indicated in any way, so such an indefinite ingredient may very well be of low quality.

Additional components

Flatazor dry dog ​​food contains some more components, but their effect on the whole product does not play a fundamental role, due to the small amount. However, some of them are worth mentioning:

  • Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient that, on the one hand, plays the role of fiber, and, in the opinion and opinion of opponents of this supplement, is simply a cheap filler.
  • Flaxseed is rich in omega acids, has an anti-inflammatory property, and has the ability to lower blood sugar.
  • Sea salt - is added to enhance the palatability of the feed and stimulates the animal to drink more. The controversial component, in our opinion, is not at all desirable.

Also in the recipe are fructo-oligosaccharides and an exclusive additive - organolysates. Their task is to stimulate the immune system, normalize blood pressure, and promote the functioning of the digestive tract. The presence of such complexes is worthy of super-premium products.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s summarize all the pros and cons of Flatazor dog food:


  • A diverse and extensive assortment;
  • Prebiotics FOS and enzymes for microflora;
  • The source of protein is the meat ingredient;


  • The presence of protein and fat of dubious quality, designated as "bird" and "animal";
  • The presence of wheat, corn;
  • The specific amount of each component in the composition is not indicated, we cannot be sure that this product really contains the necessary amount of meat;

Despite the fact that Flatazor dog food has mostly positive reviews and is positioned as a super premium diet, we cannot be sure of this. The fact is that the total mass of grain in the product in relation to the content of meat components is leaning toward the former. This aspect, combined with the presence of controversial or low-quality ingredients, does not allow to give a high grade to this feed.

Feed Reviews

Reviews on dog food Flatazor from pet owners and users of the product also play a big role in choosing food for your pet, so we give below the reviews of people who already had experience with feeding Flatazor products and made their opinion about them:

Karina, toy terrier:

“My dog ​​has sensitive digestion, so I selected the food for a long time, carefully and meticulously studied the composition. For six months we’ve been eating Sensible, alternating lamb and salmon. Translated gradually, so as not to provoke an upset, Everything went fine, the food came up, I won’t experiment anymore, and change I don’t want food "

Maxim, Stafford's half-breed:

“This food was recommended to me by a familiar dog handler, I read on the forums a lot of good reviews and took 3kg for a sample of Adult Maxi. On the first day there was diarrhea, I decided that I had to translate it sharply and returned to the old version and gradually added over 10 days Flatazor. Now everything is fine, the staff eats with pleasure, only confuses a big exit "

Assessment of specialists

After analyzing the reviews of veterinarians about Flatazor dog food, we can conclude that not all lines of this brand correspond fully to the class of super-premium feeds. And Prestige series products are not recommended for pets suffering from food intolerance due to the presence of wheat in the composition. Also, veterinarians agree that an insufficient amount of fiber can adversely affect the digestion of pets, which should be considered when choosing food for your dogs.

Prices for dog food Flatazor

You can view the current price of feed and buy it right here:

Grain-free (Pure Life) food Flatazor for dogs ration price with salmon and duck:

  • 2 kg - 1280 p.
  • 12 kg - 5500 p.

Prestige Sensible Flatazor with Lamb and Rice:

  • 3 kg - 1562 p.
  • 15 kg -5810 p.

Dermato food (Protect line) for skin diseases:

  • 2 kg - 1280 p.
  • 12 kg - 5515 p.

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