How to keep a dog when cutting its nails

The clipping process often scares the dog, it starts to behave uneasily, resists and breaks out. Therefore, the owner, who is conducting this procedure on his own, needs to know not only how to use the tool correctly, but also how to keep the dog when cutting its nails so as not to harm the animal.

Causes of Retention Difficulties

Difficulties in cutting claws can be due to various reasons. Most often they are associated with circumstances such as:

  • bad experience with previous haircuts;
  • excessive excitability of the dog, other individual characteristics of behavior;
  • pet's response to the owner’s experiences;
  • Incorrect posture or way of holding the animal, causing him discomfort.

Note! Support is very important to the dog. Therefore, when preparing and during the clipping, it is necessary to behave calmly, cheer, comfort the pet.

It is necessary to talk to the animal in a soft tone, to say that everything is fine. You can not raise your voice, scream or intimidate, otherwise the result will be exactly the opposite. You can also give your favorite treats, which will have a calming and distracting effect.

Behavior rules

If clipping is done for the first time, then the animal should be trained gradually. First, they take him by the paws and just sit for a while, giving him the opportunity to get used to the touch, without getting annoyed by such actions. When the dog ceases to react to the fact that its paws are in the hands of the owner, they take a claw cutter, gently hold it on the claws, also giving time to get used to such manipulations.

During the haircut, do not touch the areas around the claws with your hands, as this can cause tickling or other unusual sensations, from which the pet will begin to break out. For the same reason, one should not squeeze the paw tightly, preventing the dog from moving it. Feeling violence or threat, any animal will begin to break free, trying to escape.

It is very important not to create any situation in which the pet may think that they want to harm him. For this, all movements of the owner must be firm and clear, but at the same time soft, unobtrusive.

There can be several options on how to properly hold the dog when cutting its claws:

  • many dog ​​breeders prefer to place their pet on a table to make it convenient to perform the procedure;
  • others - pick up, clutching to the body.

But professional groomers recommend resorting to the help of a second person who will hold the dog, preventing it from getting up and running away or, twitching, harming itself.

If the animal breaks out, not allowing manipulation, you can wrap it in a diaper. At the same time, you will also need another person who will hold the dog, while the owner will release the paw and carry out the clipping of the claws.

Important! If, despite all the measures for the correct execution of the procedure, the pet whines and breaks out intensely, then this indicates its increased sensitivity. In this case, a few minutes before the haircut, it is necessary to treat the paws with an anesthetic solution of Lidocaine.

Correct Retention Algorithm

Keep the dog when cutting nails as follows:

  • fix the pet on the surface with the help of an assistant;
  • take the necessary claw with your fingers, perform the necessary manipulations;
  • look at the reaction of the animal, if necessary, calm, encourage a treat;
  • do the same operation with all claws on all paws;
  • if the dog is too restless, you can carry out the procedure in several stages.

In the case when the pet cannot be reassured by any means, it is recommended to use sedatives or take him to the veterinarian so that the procedure is performed by a specialist.

You can avoid many problems with holding the dog when cutting its claws, if you choose the right place and time for this. It is best to carry out the procedure on a comfortable couch or pet’s favorite bed. In this case, the animal should be in a friendly mood, for example, after a walk or feeding. If it is excited or frightened, then the haircut should be postponed.

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