How to wean a cat to steal?

Quiet rustling and clinking of dishes at night. The unexpected loss of household items, or the appearance of other people's things in the house can cause a lot of questions in any family. What is it? Ghosts? Brownies? Harmful neighbors? What are you, don’t be so scared. Behind all this can be none other than a cute, furry and absolutely harmless, at first glance, domestic cat. But how to wean a cat to steal food from the table?

Theft of cats is well known. But there is an opinion that only pedigree and poorly mannered cats steal. And if a thoroughbred cat is caught red-handed on theft, the owners begin to suspect that the cat is not thoroughbred at all - it steals. The owners, even if they were picked up on the street, but with the love of a fostered pet, may come to the conclusion that the genes cannot be corrected in any way, or they begin to reproach themselves for their negligence in education.

Is it so? Any zoopsychologist will tell you - no. In fact, stealing from cats cannot be given any unambiguous assessment. There can be many reasons, and in some cases theft can be dealt with using fairly simple methods that will be discussed in this article. In others, one has to put up with thefts, trying to minimize damage, both for oneself and for the pet. So, we will discuss the first question.

What and why do cats steal?

First, let's break feline theft into two categories: food theft and theft of things.

Food, as a rule, cats steal when they want to eat. Very simple, right? Of course, many owners claim that the cat eats enough (in their opinion), so there is no excuse for such theft. So the owners think, but obviously not cats. By the way, a cat can really steal even with normal nutrition, and the reason in this case is a banal curiosity.

Think for yourself which of us, accustomed to borsch and porridge since childhood, would refuse to try, say, lasagna, cheesecake or parfait. And would you really, without ever trying them, calmly be able to move away from the table, where all this mysterious delicious food is? Believe me, a cat cannot either. Indeed, for him, the food from the master's table seems to be something simply delicious and mysterious, which is certainly worth a try. And if the test showed that it is tastier than his food, then it is not surprising that the raids will continue. Indeed, not only people can be attributed to gourmets. A considerable part of them are also among the baleen striped. By the way, if ethical considerations can protect a person from theft, in the above example, cats do not have them and, in essence, cannot have them.

Three reasons for theft of things

But, if the theft of food, you can at least somehow justify it, then the theft of things, it may seem for sure, something unhealthy. And again wrong. The reasons for this cat theft, in fact, are also quite simple and understandable.

Hunting Replacement

Such non-standard behavior can become a substitute for a full-fledged hunt for a cat. Imagine how many emotions a shaggy thief can get, getting, in fact, things he doesn’t need. What can I say, for the sake of adrenaline, people still do not do this.

The desire to get what the owners do not give

The second reason may be that cats also have favorite things that the reckless owners do not voluntarily give. You have to take risks and get the necessary toy yourself. For example, our cat will never walk calmly past the brush. Will pull together. During the cleaning periodically its recesses with tassels are revealed.

To please the owner

The third reason for theft, the most touching. This desire of the cat somehow to please the beloved owner, or mistress. And what to do to the poor fellow, if the mouse didn’t get caught, and the birds do not allow themselves to be caught, and the kitty feels that the gift is about to break? Things obtained from neighbors are very useful here. The example of an Oscar cat from England is widely known. Feeling immeasurable gratitude to the owners who took him from the nursery, the cat simply showered them with gifts "borrowed" from the neighbors.

There were gloves, and scarves, and even, for some reason, attractive underwear. When the owners of the Oscars faced this behavior, they were shocked at first, and after understanding the reasons for the strange behavior, they left the Murzik in their hands.

Well, now, having figured out why cats steal, let's move on to the specific actions of weaning a pet from theft.

How to wean a cat from theft

Faced with the fact that the cat is stealing food, first make sure that he is really full and in sufficient quantity. And then, you can learn to apply simple techniques to instill a culture of behavior, having studied and tried several ways to wean a cat to steal. So, how to wean a cat to steal food from the table?

Three rules related to food theft

  • The first, but very important rule, which sometimes is enough to cool the cat's fervor - nourish the cat satisfyingly before you sit at the table.
  • The second rule will help us fight feline curiosity. If the cat begs something from the table, offer him the most unappetizing, by cat's standards, dish. For example: a leaf of lettuce, a spoonful of the same porridge, or even a piece of meat, but pepper it first. Let the cat understand: what the hosts eat is tasteless for him.
  • The third important rule is not only for raising a cat, but also for observing sanitation: do not leave food on the table. There is a refrigerator for this.

But, in principle, even if there is no food on the table, the cat should not climb on it. Therefore, when you see a mustachioed in a restricted area, scare him. Spray with water, hiss or sharply say: scatter! If the cat didn’t react, do not let the matter go by chance, remove the bully from the table and punish.

Wean to steal things

In relation to theft of things, everything is more complicated than with food. So, if you think that the cat is stealing from boredom, there is only one way out: play more with a purr. If the cat prefers any specific things, then it may be advisable to buy a kit of toys for the cat?

Let frolic on your health, and you do not have to think about how to wean a cat to steal things. Well, in the case of theft out of gratitude, I'm afraid that nothing can be done. Just love your cat and appreciate his reciprocal love, even if it is so unconventionally displayed.

Additional Theft Learning Tips

If the cat has learned to cling to pieces of fish and meat directly from the pan standing on the stove, there is only one way out - do not forget to cover the dish with a lid. From this you can’t teach a cat to steal another way.

You can wean a cat from theft using the original technique, which is as follows - noise traps. Every cat and cat is a predator, nature taught to get food, and where in the house to take "prey" if not from the owner’s plate.

In addition to the noise trap, you can use water. For example, leave the bait on the table and attach a glass of water to it so that it falls over onto the animal when it attempts to steal. The noise trap principle is almost the same. Only the punishment is not water, but the roar from something noisy, tied to food.

It is worth considering that the cat may not appreciate your sense of humor if you want to wean it from stealing and go on a hunger strike. Do not pay attention to the thief, and soon everything will fall into place. In this struggle, you must come out victorious, the only way you can teach an animal to eat what it is given.

Another good technique for weaning a cat from theft is mastery of the conversational genre. Many cats are highly organized and intelligent animals. They perfectly capture the intonations of the human voice and may well speak with you if you learn to understand what the animals say to you. Not in the literal sense, of course, but experienced catwalkers understand me - that's for sure. So, we must speak with the cat, as with a naughty child, investing in the word you can not certain intonation.

And if the diplomatic mission fails, you can always use a spray bottle with water when the cat tries to steal something from the table.

Some cats are born burglars and try to climb even in a closed refrigerator. If such a subject lives in your house, you can save the bins according to the same principle as indicated above. Either attach a plastic glass with water or hang an alarm in the form of bells, cans. Maybe outwardly it will look a little extravagant, but effective.

Cats and cats are natural predators. If you live in rural conditions, then you may have encountered a situation when a pet lifts up a poultry. If you do not know how to wean a cat to steal chickens, use the recommendations listed above:

  • talk to the animal;
  • install protection;
  • scare the cat.

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