Who is smarter: cats or dogs

Who is smarter - a cat or a dog? Whose intellect is more developed, whose mental abilities are more diverse? Over the past few years, many studies have been conducted on this subject. What conclusion have scientists come to?

Differences in the cerebral cortex

Most fans of the cat family believe that cats are smarter than dogs. This is evidenced by differences in the cerebral cortex: cats have twice as many neurons as dogs. The latter have to constantly follow the owner, faithfully carrying out his instructions, while cats have self-sufficiency.

Representatives of the cat family have much better developed sensory-motor intellectual abilities. This means that they are more sensitive and accurate in their movements, if necessary, such animals can hunt large individuals relative to their own size.

Successful hunting is the life goal of such pets. That is why even pets living in four walls constantly train: the race for toys, the playful attack on a person - all this testifies to the instinctive refinement of the hunter's skills.

Rational intelligence is another characteristic of furry pets. Cats may turn out to be smart in those things that are really useful to them, and completely incomprehensible in those issues that do not interest them. Such selectivity speaks of creative intelligence (the so-called reproductive intelligence is found in dogs, which simply automatically reproduce previously acquired information).

Features of intelligence in cats

By observation and attentiveness, the cat has practically no competitors. This can be seen simply by observing how the fluffy pet behaves in an unfamiliar environment: the first thing the animal thoroughly explores is a new space for itself and inspects all corners. At the same time, it will be impossible to distract him from classes. The cat will quickly find safe areas for itself and a warm place to rest and sleep. In this situation, the dog will be less observant and cautious.

What is curiosity? Seeing for the first time an unfamiliar object, the cat inaudibly sneaks up to it, sniffs it and only after that it touches the paw with the claws released. After making sure the safety of the thing, the pet will turn away from it and is unlikely to be interested in subsequently. It is this cautious curiosity that is absent in the dog, and this quality does not destroy the animal, but rather contributes to full survival in unfamiliar conditions.

Both cats and dogs are able to easily remember their name, and cats can perform several simple, carefully memorized commands (for example, go to the toilet in the same place). Are feline representatives able to use the information received in their own interests? A few years ago it was believed that only monkeys possess such abilities, which are as close as possible to people in their intelligence. It was soon revealed that cats have such abilities. They can earn their own food in places inaccessible from a human point of view, and if necessary, demonstrate a creative approach when finding the road from the maze.

Differences in Social Intelligence

But social intellectual abilities are much better developed among dogs. These animals prefer to hunt in flocks, because for the successful capture of prey it is important for them to contact each other. Moreover, in the process of hunting, roles among the members of the pack are clearly distributed.

Dogs understand people much better, because a person is also a social creature. That is why these animals, especially if they are specially trained, can execute up to hundreds of different teams.

Who has better memory?

Who is smarter than cats or dogs and why? Some believe that the cat has a much better memory, because it is they who are able to take offense at a person for a long time, and also show their displeasure and resentment in various ways. However, here too, lovers of these animals again make a mistake.

Canadian scientists conducted an interesting study: in front of two animals, they hid delicious food in one of the boxes (there were four boxes). The dog remembered exactly where the delicacy is located and could easily find it even after a few minutes, while other animals forgot about it almost immediately. The conclusion suggests itself.

However, a good memory for these pets does not apply to all situations. Other researchers conducted an equally curious experiment in which animals were asked to find a treat in a fairly large maze. It turned out that rats and wolves orient themselves in space much better, which means that the possibilities of dogs are still not unlimited. Here there is one remark: as soon as the four-legged friend saw how the owner solves a certain problem in one way or another, he can remember the algorithm and cope with the task on his own.

What is the secret of dog genius?

The secret of such a mind among dogs is in their ability to fully interact with people. Unlike other animals, they can accurately read and guess gestures in humans. Each owner of such an animal at least once helped to find his favorite toy, simply indicating the direction in which it is located.

So whose mind is more developed? If you rely only on the above research results, we can conclude that dogs are superior to cats in intelligence. However, this conclusion is not entirely true, because each type of pet is considered the best in a particular area. What one species cannot boast of is easily given to other living beings.

Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. dogs have a well-developed memory;
  2. dogs can interact better with people;
  3. cats are more accurate in movements and better ability to hunt alone and to survive in general.

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